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Beyond This Day

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Corporate Bereavement Gift classic book and pouch

Beyond This Day: Classic (Pouch)


The Classic may be considered as an accompaniment to traditional memorial gifts or as a stand alone bereavement resource for the entire family. The Beyond This Day memorial volume is presented in a Burgundy velveteen satchel, lined with contrasting satin and Velcro tabs to preserve the book. A personalized sympathy card and envelope accompany the memorial volume to identify your company to the family.

Item 1-2 3-15 16-47 48-95 96+
Classic $35.95 $34.95 $33.95 $32.95 $31.95

Beyond This Day: Legacy (Wooden Chest)


Legacy The Legacy case is manufactured with a beautiful honey-colored hardwood, polished to a high-gloss finish, with a leatherette panel on the front featuring the unique Beyond This Day symbol. The interior is fully-lined with a rich burgundy felt. When opened, an insert on the left, held in place by burgundy ribbons, features your personalized inscription recognizing you as having provided this keepsake gift for the family. On the right, underneath the book, is a keepsake compartment where the family can keep photographs, sympathy cards, and other personal mementos. The back is covered with a black felt to protect tabletops, shelves, and other surfaces where families will display Beyond This Day in their home.

Item 1-2 3-15 16-47 48-95 96+
Legacy $86.95 $85.95 $84.95 $83.95 $82.95

burgundy case

Beyond This Day: Premium (Burgundy Case)


The Premium is a handsome burgundy gift box which includes the keepsake compartment and insert featuring your personalized inscription. The Premium represents a third price point.

Item 1-2 3-15 16-47 48-95 96+
Premium $45.95 $44.95 $43.95 $42.95 $41.95

Beyond This Day: Signature (Leatherette Chest)


The Signature case is the same design and size as the Legacy, with the same felt-lined interior, keepsake compartment, insert featuring your organizations personalized inscription, and protective felt lining on the back. Instead of the Legacy's hardwood, the Signature has a rich leatherette cover on the top, bottom, and sides, and thus is available at an alternative price point. The Signature case includes the Beyond This Day memorial book.

Item 1-2 3-15 16-47 48-95 96+
Signature $63.95 $62.95 $61.95 $60.95 $59.95

beyond this day book

Beyond This Day: Standard (Book Only)


Just the Beyond This Day memorial book itself is also an option. It is a padded-covered volume with elegant gold stamping, gilt-edged pages, and soft, soothing artwork commissioned exclusively for Beyond This Day.

Item 1-2 3-15 16-47 48-95 96+
Standard $29.95 $28.95 $27.95 $26.95 $25.95