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Beyond This Day - Our Corporate Bereavement Gift

Provide comfort to employees, patients, families and individuals who experience the loss of a loved one.  Our program affirms to the employee and their family that they are not alone in their grief. The simple act of sharing a keepsake gift from your company to help them remember the life that was lost is an enormous comfort to those who receive it. The profoundly positive impact on the family is apparent when the employee and the family thankfully respond to your Human Resource department for caring enough to send such a meaningful memorial tribute in honor of their loved one.

the way of hope Corporate Bereavement Gift

Small Wonders - Our Corporate Baby Gift

Few events in life are as powerful and positive as the birth of a child—or rightfully deserve heartfelt congratulations. The Small Wonders baby journal is a unique congratulatory gift that companies can give to their employees to show that they really care.

Presenting Small Wonders to employees can foster a genuine sense of gratitude and belonging within the company. This baby journal is designed to accompany expectant parents from pregnancy through their child’s fifth year of life. In this way Small Wonders is a gift  that keeps giving—becoming a treasured family keepsake and a valued gift from a company that really cares.

keepsake box for new child

One Who Served - Our Veteran Memorial Gift

The brand One Who Served is dedicated to all those who have protected our freedom by their service in the United States Armed Forces; and to their families, whose constant love and support have helped strengthen and sustain them in that duty.

keepsake box Corporate Memorial Gift